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Monday, October 19, 2009

At Wits End


I honestly believe that this wasnt just Kanye making another video, i feel as if this is where his breaking point reached a whole nother level. You may think Im crazy but i think theres a lot of "symbolism" in this video. Yes, the little furry creature was kina humorous but i kina feel lik he was killing apart of himself, and that part was his big ego. I think this video is actually sad, it shows Kanye in a very vunerable state of mind. After the Taylor Swift mishap and especially his mother dying he is not in his content state of mind and personally I would act out too but I think this was Kanye's breaking point but who really knows. If you look at the video deeper than just what is being presented it has a bigger picture, he had a message in it. Just my opinion. He jus needs to find himsself again.

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